Live at the Apollo: Networking Wins Can Be Glamorous

IMG_3793Linda Descano, who works for Citi as ‘part marketer, part publisher and part journalist’, is a social media and outreach juggernaut. Early this year, when I was entering a new phase of my career, I asked her to breakfast. We knew each other from our involvement with Step Up, a mentoring organization for teen girls. This time, it was me who needed some mentoring, as I was crafting new goals and strategy for my business.

She said yes! It was a power hour, for sure, filled with great advice and insights. Since then, Linda also has provided several valuable referrals, asked me for a blog post, and last weekend, invited me to speak on a panel at Women of the World Festival at the Apollo Theater.

IMG_3827I started life as a musician. But I made it to the Apollo stage as a panelist talking about personal finance. Ain’t life strange?

Networking is stranger, but just as necessary as committing to your dreams. I met several other great women at this event, including the other panelist, Jacquette Timmons.

I had a great experience because I had the courage to tell a woman I admire that I want to know what she knows. When I needed help, I asked for it.

James Brown or the Supremes probably inspired more dancing, but here are the points I drove home about money:

IMG_3825Spending: Pay yourself first and you can spend the rest!

Saving tip: Time is money. The sooner you start, the easier it is to meet your goals.

Mantra: “Money ain’t a thang” (hat-tip to JayZ). You’re after the freedom money affords you, not the money itself.


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