Supercharged self-promotion coaching. Judi’s exclusive three-part one-on-one coaching program is designed to:

  • define or re-define your ideal client
  • create or finesse your sales pitch
  • develop and organize a realistic marketing plan

You’ll walk away knowing exactly who your ideal clients are, how to pitch them, and what to do to effectively market your business.

Powerhouse self-promotion coach. Judi’s been coaching entrepreneurs and business owners on the art of self-promotion for six years. Her unique method is tailored to each individual client, with immediately actionable advice, tangible results, non-judgmental style, and the true desire to empower people to be their best and make decisions that feel authentic in every way–at work and at home.

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An instrument of inspiration…

Judy is an instrument of inspiration. Her words, actions, and energy promote personal and professional growth. Sometimes we think that we are as good as we are going to be and there is no room for growth, Judi has the ability to alter that perception. She has the knack to inspire others to become better and brighter. She identifies potential…She has helped improve who I am and reach new levels of happiness in helping people.

Jay Woerdeman
CFP Private Wealth Advisor, CEO
The Woerdeman Financial Group

Paid off over and over again…

one of the best business decisions I have made…has paid off over and over again. Thank you Judi for all the work that you do!

Stephanie J. Milosavlevski
CFP, CDFA Financial Advisor
Ameriprise Financial

High-level strategic decisions…

Since I first started working with Judi about 3 years ago, and she initially helped me to define my target niche of minority women, attorneys and federal employees, my marketing efforts are greatly simplified…when I evaluate a potential marketing opportunity or networking event, I ask myself if it will put me in contact with my self-identified target market…these are the kind of high-level strategic decisions that a true business owner must learn to make, and Judi helped point me in that direction.

Marie Isabel Laurion
CFP, MS, CRPC Financial Advisor
Ameriprise Financial

I have felt and seen growth…

Since Judi has taken me under her wing, I have been inspired to go the distance. Before…I was simply going through the motions of operating a business. I’ve always appreciated the idea of being motivated, but to be honest, I didn’t know where to find it. At times, I felt lost. I knew what wasn’t working, but did not have the solution to fix what was not. Partnering with Judi…has taken me to a place in my career where I have felt and seen growth.

Charissa A. Spach
CFP, CDFA, MBA Financial Advisor
Amerprise Financial

Profoundly effective tools…

Judi Rosenthal and her box of innovative, simple, profoundly effective tools changed my life in minutes. She did something countless books, podcasts, and videos did not. She laid out a simple roadmap to strategically and systematically identify professional and monetary goals and marry that with people in my network that can help me get there. Equally as critical, she introduced me to an accessible way to work it all into my calendar in the midst of my numerous life priorities. I’m indebted. Don’t walk – run to Judi! You will be doing yourself a great favor.

Adaora Udoji
outLoud Inc.