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Interview: Always Have an Ask

TerriT-InterviewTerri Trespicio is a long-time friend and one of my first bloomCast guests, so when she asked me for an interview for her show— Solopreneur—I was more than happy to oblige. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we were able to kick it casual-style right in the coffee shop and then share it with the world. Click through to the video and learn why you should always have an ask—no matter who you are talking to, and why saying you’re bad at something is a habit you should lose.

Interview: Investing in Women

I was the Featured Profile in the PAXWorld March 2015 Women and Wealth newsletter. We spoke in-depth about women investors, gender intelligence and how all advisors can become more effective in sales communications. The full interview is below, and you can subscribe to the Investing in Women newsletter here.

Judi, can you talk about how you help groups elevate their gender intelligence?

I begin with a basic idea with a lot of evidence backing it up: gender differences are real. Gender affects the way people tell stories, the questions people ask and even the number of words they use. We have to consciously abandon the ‘one size fits both’ sales approach. It doesn’t work. Men and women hear and say things in different ways.

But let me be clear: Different is not less than! Sales people who are alert to the contrasts in verbal communication have the advantage. And they can build strong relationships with both male and female clients.

I work with groups to identify and root out the unconscious biases that obstruct empathic, effective communication. The benefits of being attuned to verbal, non­-verbal and even environmental cues are many: better judgment, more compassion and yes, better business results.

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