By Judi Rosenthal

Spring Cleaning — For Your Rolodex

Nature’s power of renewal is the hallmark of spring. Bidding farewell to the cold and winter layers is great too, but nothing is more inspiring to me than the crocuses, tulips and other hardy flowers working their way through soil and resisting the lingering cold. They always remind me that attaining my most important goals is going to take a lot of work. We all have to plow through dirt — and more dirt — to attain long-term objectives.

Spring housecleaning may seem a little bland when compared to the hardy, green shoots of life itself. But there is something powerful about clearing space — in your home, your schedule and your work — for new possibilities. So often I’ve found that the freeing time, space and energy benefits the present moment and serves my greater strategies.

Several years back, my goal as a financial advisor was to be working with 100 seven-figure-net-worth women, all of them working either in media or fashion. That was an ambitious goal; there would be a lot of dirt removal before I had a top quality, three-digit deep client list. But I wasn’t going to wait that long to feel satisfied.

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